Quality Policy

Plastnir – Quality and Safety Assurance Policy:

The management of Plastnir views the commitment to
quality and the safety of the consumers as central to the organizations strategy and day to day management.

To this end management has decided to adopt the
international Quality Standards ISO9001:2000 and
the BRC / HACCP standards for the protection of the
health of the consumers of goods packaged
in Plastnir's products.

Management is committed to do everything in its power to meet the requirements and expectations of its clients and to strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, as regards the quality and safety of its products and the level customer service.

Management is committed to meeting all  requirements of international standards that the organization has adopted including standards and laws as required by Environmental Agencies and other official bodies.

Management guarantees the implementation of a process of constant improvement based on periodic setting of goals and targets regarding the quality and safety of Plastnirs products.

The quality and safety management system will be audited on a regular basis to establish that the system is up to date and relevant and effective in achieving its goals. The system will also be audited to establish that policies are being implemented by all levels of the organization.

The Quality and Safety Policy and its implementation will be published and discussed at all levels of the organization and training sessions will be conducted periodically.

(Extracted from Plastnir – Quality and Safety Manual QA-4.2.2/3)

Plastnir Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu 45845, Israel

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