Our Products
Packaging Films

      Heavy Duty Films

  • Single wound sheeting for FFS machines producing Heavy Duty bags.
  • Co-extruded films can be produced with White outer layer and Black or Silver inner layer for compost bags.
  • Eight colour printing provides excellent promotional appeal. Special sealing layer for packaging of dusty and heavy materials.


      Milk Pouches

  • Reduce packaging volume and costs.
  • Convenient alternative to bottles or cartons – friendly to the environment.
  • Option of  White / black film for longer shelf life in hot climates.
  • Printed outer packs for collating individual portions.
  • Over 30 years of experience in producing milk pouches ensure trouble free packaging.

      Tissue Overwrap

  • Clear and matte films for toilet paper and paper towel wrap.
  • Stiff films for high speed packaging.
  • Excellent Optics and process printing enhance the product.
  • Wide range of printing cylinders for economy packs.


      Frozen Foods

  • Special films to provide protection
    up to -40º C.
  • High quality printing provide good shelf appearance.
  • Excellent scratch resistance replacing laminates

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