• Boasting over 40 years experience in co-extrusion
    Plastnir was one of the first companies in the world to
    use this technology.
  • Modern state of the art extruders provide quality films
    with tight tolerances for lamination and conversion.
  • Co-extrusion allows different properties on outer and
    inner layers of film.
  • Applications include
    • White/ Black, White / Gray or other colour
      combinations for courier bags or agriculture.
    • Low slip outer layer and high slip inner layer for FFS applications with good pallet stability.
    •  Specialised seal layer for lamination films sealing in contaminated environments.

Plastnir specializes in tailor made solutions for each product and each packaging machine to limit downtime from film problems.


  • Modern Flexographic printing presses print up to 8 colours process printing.
  • A high quality print provides excellent promotion and exposure for all products.
  • Plastnir will provide a solution to all graphic needs.

Slitting and conversion

  • Bottom Seal and Side Seal Bag Makers provide all standard bags for industry and retail trade.
  • Modern slitters provide accurate roles for all automatic packaging machinery.

Plastnir Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu 45845, Israel

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