The increasing concern with the state of the environment has inspired Plastnirs development team to seek solutions for flexible packaging solutions which limit the damage to our environment. These solutions include:
  • Film downgauging. In conjunction with our customers Plastnir is making concerted efforts to downgauge products. The co-extrusion technology used in conjunction with specialized resins allows films to be significantly downgauged without sacrificing properties. Downgauging decreases the volume of packaging, saves resources, space and money.
  • Biodegradable – compostable films: Produced from starch based polymers the film is compostable within 90 days in industrial compost sites and complies with relevant European and American standards. The film is extruded with polymers  produced from renewable sources.
    Plastnir's biodegradable films help preserve the endangered environment and  reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging products.
  • Degradable films: Degradable films are films produced with normal polymers with an additive that breaks down the polymers in compost and landfills. The film will degrade eventually into water and biomass leaving no trace on the environment. While these films are not defined as compostable and are not produced from renewable sources they provide a product that will degrade in 1-4 years. The advantages over Biodegradable film are that the film will retain all the properties of normal polyethylene product and is only marginally more expensive than normal polyethylene film.


         Plastnir Degradable Brochure in pdf


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